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SINOFIELD is a non-profit organisation providing professional consultation and project management in school education and culture-oriented programs.  

SINOFIELD seeks to build a platform to serve Chinese language education, Chinese cultural promotion, and Sino-Australian cultural exchange. For More→


  • Are you looking for a Day Excursion site full of hands on traditional cultural activities for your students to have a Chinese Cultural experience?

  • Are you looking for a place for an intensive Chinese language immersion camp?

  • Are you struggling with the disengaged students yelling “why am I learning this” in your Chinese class?

  • Are you hearing the muttering about “Chinese is no fun” in the class and pretty sure it’s not an auditory illusion? For More→

  • 或者您在寻找强化英语学习、体验澳洲文化教育的假期营地?更多信息→

Let your painstaking be eased, Sinofield is here to help!

"不闻不若闻之, 闻之不若见之, 见之不若知之, 知之不若行之-- Tell me, I will forget. Teach me, I may remember. Involve me, I will learn."



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy.

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