Our vision 

Excursion and Holiday Camp 

SINOFIELD has built an excursion camp site in the Blue Mountains.  Overnight / one-day excursion and Holiday Camp programs will be hosted once its settled down.

  • A one-day workshop program (For local Australian schools)
  • Three Days Camp Program (For Australian Chinese Language Students)
  • Six Days Camp Program (Intensive Chinese Training for Australian Students)
  • Six Days Camp Program (Cultural Experience for Australian Students)
  • Six Days Cultural experience activities. 

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  • Chinese chess:The King cannot walk out of his castle, and there is no Queen. Learn to play Chinese chess and compare the cultures of east and west.
  • Tea Ceremony: The Chinese tea ceremony is an elegant art form, a ritual, and a process that illustrates the Chinese philosophies of calmness, peace and friendship.
  • Calligraphy (书法): Learn how the brush and ink are made in a traditional way and use this ancient technique to make a beautiful keepsake.
  • Lion Dance (舞狮子): Master the secrets that make this beast wink and move its ears. Learn the origin of this legendary Chinese animal.
  • Dragon Dance (舞龙): Learn how to control this nearly 10- meter-long beast with team work and communication. Understand how this imaginary creature has become the Totem of Chinese culture.
  • Zongzi (Reed Leave Rice Wrap) and Dragon Boat Festival: This hands-on food activity is challenging even adults. However, the tasty reward of a rice wrap is well worth the effort. Learn why this special snack and dragon boats become an essential part of this festival.